ARt Sprouts = Improvisational Drawing

These are drew by Felipe Galindo. He draws great illustration, cartoons and animation. Please check this website for his works by click here.

Felipe Galindo
1 min. drawing

Felipe Galindo
2 min. Drawing

Felipe Galindo
5 min. Drawing

Felipe Galindo
30 sec. Drawing

Felipe Galindo
8 min. Drawing ( his famous Used/ Reused project of mixed media works ). Yes, this is our MTA Subway Map!

These drawings are done by Fred Hatt. He has drawn thousands of human bodies in stills and in motion for several decade. He does unique works including body painting, light painting, energy body sketches.  You can check his works by visiting his website by click here and his interesting blog site:Drawing Life by click here.

Fred Hatt
1 min. Drawing

Fred Hatt
2 min. Drawing

Fred Hatt
5 min. Drawing

Fred Hatt
30 sec. Drawing

Fred Hatt
1 min. Drawing – part 2

Fred Hatt
8 min. Drawing

Ivana Basic Drew the followings.  She was born in Serbia, has worked and lived in NYC.  She explores the body using different medium. You can check her works by visiting her website by click here. I like this video work of hers.

Ivana Basic
1 min. Drawing

Ivana Basic
2 min. Drawing

Ivana Basic
5 min. Drawing

Ivana Basic
30 sec. Drawing

Ivana Basic
1 min. Drawing – part 2

Ivana Basic
8 min. Drawing

These are drawn by Michael Imlay. One day, we shared the story of Jill Bolte Taylor, who talked about her Stroke experience on Ted Talk, which I highly recommend to watch. Please click here to watch.   We both are interested in our right brain where creativity/ intuitive thing happen. I am more intrigue by the arts which are born by let things happen rather than make things happen.  Works of improvisation are meant to tune those and tap into the right brain.

Michel Imlay
1 min. Drawing

Michel Imlay
2 min. Drawing

Michel Imlay
5 min. Drawing

Michel Imlay
30 sec. Drawing

Michel Imlay
1 min. Drawing

Michel Imlay
8 min. Drawing

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ARt Seeds to ARt Sprouts Project Performance was great success!

It was very exciting and we were entering to the world of unknown.  It was too late to double check about things. After all, it is an experimental performance.  This was the closing night for the NYFA Bootstrap Festival 2012 as well.  We had good turn out even though there was rain around the time we are starting.  Thank you for people coming to be a part of this project!

I always want the experience of watching performance to be personally unique one. I want them to decide what to watch and how to watch/from where to watch. One of the biggest concern is that the audience will not stand up from their seats when improvisational drawings are happening.  I didn’t want to tell them what to do. So, I printed out three line instructions and hand them to the audience in advance.  I was very impressed when the very first one min. improvisational dance was over, they stood up and walk towards the visual artists without hesitation.

“When the dance stopped by timer, please walk around visual artists to see the drawing.
When the drawing stopped by timer, please return to your chair to see the dance.
After reading this, please pass on to someone.  Thanks”

This is the very short clip of beginning of the performance video taped by Charles Dennis.
Thank you Charles for editing this.

This is the Michael Imlay’s 1 min. drawing.

This is the Ivana Basic’s 1 min. drawing.

This is the Fred Hatt’s 1 min. drawing.

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The Last Tryout before the performance

This is the last rehearsal before the performance. Aya Shibahara drop by the costume she made for this performance.  We get a chance to do this last tryout with this costume on.  Jennifer Giuglianotti contacted me by email couple weeks ago. She got notice about looking for visual artists forwarded by her friend, Clark Jackson.

Jennifer is dancer as well and she does interesting project creating art through dancing called, “Choreography On Canvas.  You can look at her work at her website.

She sat on the floor with her leg out on her side.  When started I noticed her drawing. So, I had to stop and ask her to watch without drawing.   It was less than 30 sec., she has already drew this ( I think ).

Then, we did 1 min. dance.

This is her 1 min. drawing.

We moved to the 2 min. dance.

This is Jennifer’s 2 min. drawing.

Vivid colors entered my eyes with excitement.  I am less keen to the color in general.  So, it is so refreshing to see lots of bright colors responding to our dance.

Then, we moved to 5 min. dance.

This is her drawing responding to the 5 min. dance we just did.  I love every artist’s own style and way to responding.  Her work has lots of bright colors and the image you draw is very interesting.  When I teach Contact Improvisation, I tell my students to connect to the ground and beyond ( center of the earth ).  Yes, maybe we are trees when we lift others.  I like it!

We tried 1 min. dance two in a row. I guess the timer/time is our canvas.  We try not smear our dance outside the time.

This is her first one min. drawing.

And after that, we did another 1 min. dance again.

We are table and base with flower! in Jennifer’s drawing.  She did this in 60 sec.!

Finally it was 8 min. long dance. By now, this tryout becomes like building muscles or gaining stamina. We tried to stay in a moment since it is improvisation. Trying to make things happen is already doing something and planning for the future. Trust the process to be present is very essential part of Contact Improvisation.

These are her two drawings came out of watching 8 min. dance.

I was intrigued by her quickness when she drew. I feel like she might have seen some kind of vivid image before she drew. Thank you, Jennifer for your commitment to your drawing.
This is it. Are we ready for this Sat. performance? I know the fact Felipe will join us that night since he had to teach today at 3 pm in uptown. I am happy he can join since he is also one of our NYFA Boot Camp 2011 graduate.

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We had Two Visual Artists on the 3rd Tryout

Yes, the performance has finished last Sat. and I want to report on that so bad. But, I remember that I had not put two more tryouts which happened before then. So, I am going to do this right now.

It has nine more days to the event at the Cumbe. I am getting many emails from the visual artists who might be interested in.  Still, it is difficult to find people who are available on Feb. 18th.

I got the request from Michael Imlay that he wanted to come early to warm up.  Warm up for visual artist? I was not sure what he is going to do, but I said yes.  He is coming to do the tryout today just because I went to the Open Movement at the Greenwich House last Mon. and  I run into him .  He came to my contact classes before. I knew him. But, he had a violin on his hand; so, I greet with him and start talking about this project.   We exchanged our email and he told me he will come to the tryout today.

Toby’s friend, Ivana Basic emailed me after he sent info. about this project to her. I checked her work on her website and it was fascinating that many of her subjects are our human bodies.

It was Feb. 9th. when this tryout happened.
Michael arrived little after 1pm and sat leaning against the wall. He started drawing while we are still warming up. Then, Ivana knocked the door at 2pm and she sat next to Michael. I have never met her before and we all introduced each other.

This is the first one, 1 min. long improvisational dance.

There are the two 1 min. drawings.
This drawing is by Ivana Basic











This one is by Michael Imlay.


The second one is 3 min. Improvisational dance.

Ivana Basic drew this after watching 3 min. dance.












This one is Michael’s 3 min. drawing.

After watching Ivana and Michael drews for 3 min., timer went up to 5 min. long.
This is the Contact Improvisational Dance.

Then, 5 min. drawings happened.
This one is Ivana’s.













This one is Michael’s.

After 5 min., we did another 1 min. long ones.

This is the video of one min. dance.

Then, drawing is for one min.

Ivana’s drawing.













Michael’s drawing.

Then, we tried shortest one: 30 sec.
What is 30 sec. really. What is the 30 sec. dance like? I wondered. What kind of impression would we leave on the artists’s brain?

This one is done by Ivana.













Michael Imlay”s 30 sec. drawing.

We went back to the 1 min. This is twice as long as 30 sec..
This is that dance.

This is one min. drawing by Ivana.













This is one min. drawing by Michael.














The very last one, we give a shot on 8 min. long session.
By then, Ivana seemed really into the process. We were busy responding to each other with dance and drawing. It is very exciting and inspiring like we found the secret way to communicate. Michel expressed some concern about the fact that he didn’t feel like we were interacting to each other after 5 min. session. However, he was open minded enough to come along and we reach to this last session.

This is our 8 min. Contact Improvisation.

This last drawing is done by Ivana Basic.













This is the last drawing done by Michael Imlay.

We were very satisfied like just finish eating full meal. The focus and creative energy were very strong and time passed very quickly. Optimism started arriving in my mind. Thank you, Ivana and Michael.

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Peformance this Sat. (Feb. 18th, 2012) at Cumbe, NYC

I am happy to announce that this experimental performance is finally happening this Sat..

“ARt Seeds to ARt Sprouts Project 2012”
Concept: Kayoko Nakajima
Improvisational/Contact Improvisational Dance: Kayoko Nakajima, Carly Czach
Improvising Drawing: Fred Hatt, Michael Imlay, Ivana Basic, Jennifer Giuglianotti
Contume: Aya Shibahara
Video: Charles Dennis

February 18, Sat. 2012
Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance
558 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor (near Flatbush Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Admission Price: Donations gratefully accepted
For reservations go to

This is the part of the NYFA Bootstrap Festival : A Celebration of Movement and Interdisciplinary Art: featuring Nicola Iervasi, Artistic Director, Mare Nostrum Elements, Kayoko Nakajima with Carly Czach, and Clark Jackson.

Subway stops:
2/3/4/5 at Nevins St.
B/Q/R at DeKalb Ave.
2/3/4/5/N/Q/R/B/D at Atlantic Ave./Pacific

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Second Tryout was fantastic!

It is Jan. 31, the second tryout. I invited two artists, Lex Braes and Yasuyo Tanaka.

Around 2pm, Lex arrived with several white papers sticking out from his cloth’s shoulder bag.  We waited Yasuyo for few more min. but decided to start.

We did One min. Improvisation/Contact Improvisation first.

And, this is the Lex’s 1 min. drawing















Then, we did 3 min. Improvisation/Contact Improvisation.

Right after that, Lex draw for 3 min.
This is his 3 min. drawing.


Next, we did Six min. Contact improvisational dance. We enjoyed watching Lex drew. His drawing style was very kinesthetic and raw, which our dance is as well. We started to feel some development in our dance while dancing.

Watching Lex drew for six min. was something very emotional and exciting to me as if watching the birth and transformation.

Just before we fished our 6 min. dance, Yasuyo showed up. And, Lex was very focused on his drawing and his fingers were covered with the drawing materials.

I asked Yasuyo if she wants to draw, she said she would rather watch.
I decided to do two very short: 30 second twice. And, Yasuyo offered to time 30 sec. since iphone only has timer with 1 min. and more.
This is the first 30 sec. improv. dance.

This is the first 30 sec. response drawing.

Then, we did the second 30 sec. improv. dance.

Lex drew this one for second 30 sec.

We were indeed responding each other at that moment. And, it removed all those smart brains from dominating our choices. we had little more time at that moment.
So, just spice up the duration of time, we did two and half min..

This is our last 2.5 min. improv. dance.

And, this is Lex’s last drawing of 2.5 min..

It was great tryout and felt good about this project. I asked Lex to send me his experience in writing expecting to be rather short. Surprisingly, he sent me this. I think this is great writing.

Dear Kayoko
some writing for you, it’s not immediate so it fluctuates between memory experience and seeing my drawings the next day. I hope I remembered the timing correctly? Also I’m more happy with them than I was yesterday, it was an incredible time, thank you for being so open with your creativity, I hope this helps you
respectfully yours

First I prepared mentally in my studio, and I thought about my materials. I chose an Arches hot pressed watercolour paper that I am comfortable with, torn into sheets 11.5 x 15 inches then I thought about the marks I might want to make on this smooth surface. I brought several pieces of natural rock, all fit in the hand slightly differently, the largest and the one I initially chose for the first 3 drawings was a lump of graphite lead resembling a piece of coal, 2 lumps of natural red earth chalk and a large stick of French charcoal.

the first session drawing: always the most difficult, warming up a given, but to what? to letting go needs training.
how to let go with a controlled mark is not so simple as it may sound. I am aware that I have to let go of what I have just watched in order to experience what actually happened in the contact improv, to access what my essential experience is? If I’m truthful in a literal, a retinal sense alone, following shape and movement litterally transcribed then I know I’m lost, all I could achieve would be, at best, an illustration. I am after a translation of my personal experience, an immediate deeply felt response, without a priori knowledge of what drawing is/should be — I am after a primitive mark making response with an intention to discover an emotional architecture.

I will briefly try and describe each drawing experience following each improv

1 minute: improv _1 truly a warm-up only my feeling my way into the paper and perhaps realising the task at hand and with the swirls I made I was already aware that I was being literal to movements still resonating in me.

3 minutes: improv _2 following previous attempt, I now feel what I don’t want more than I know what I do, still it propels me forwards as I make marks and a rhythm seems to materialise, a shape from 2 distinct if not quite opposite forms begins to reveal itself

6 minutes: improv_3 I’m glad for more time, not convinced the dancers were. I slow down and get involved following the found rhythm from the previous session, I’m very much still in warming up mode, a groove is finding its way onto the paper, almost forming 2 shapes distinct yet making one shape. I’m done too early like the dancers, we’re in tune in this way!

a change to the scheduled conditions is made: decided after improv 3 in part due to how many sheets of paper I had left to draw on, there are 3

30 seconds: improv_4 I’m dissatisfied with previous drawing, too articulate too soon I think. I want to open up again, a material shift should help, I chose a red chalk. It feels very different almost alien to the touch now after the smooth contact of the graphite, I was in danger of being seduced by my material. Now I don’t know what I’m doing I keep my chalk contacting the paper until I’m uncertain and then begin again, I am finding better speed and inner focus. I am making 2 distinct mark making even although the movements are the same, one is lighter perhaps delicate and the other is made more forcefully, the speed is different for both, they are making a singular shape with an out crop on one side and an open line on the other but I am not conscious of this grammar in the moment, I am enjoying the short spurt, it seems to work. there is a dividing line separating them but the whole shape is so strong that the dividing line doesn’t divide, this has potential. The chalk worked, yet I change drawing tool again for the next session.

30 seconds: improv_5 this time to charcoal, is all instinct now. I am involved and want more. I open up and lose my curving line which is annoying me, I feel it’s emulating movement (therefor illustrational) and I want another way to talk about the experience I’m having of these 2 entities coming in and out of contact. I am now feeling more potential to think abstractly, ie, in another language. I make a different type of mark and look to discover a different architecture for this experience, it’s opening up and the paper is left alone more, I am orchestrating more freely and yet more concisely at the same time, allowing the paper to be space I am not dominating the paper I am in more control of letting go, this is one of life’s wonderful paradox’s, willing to let go! there is something here for me.

1.5 minutes (it was 2.5 min.): improv_6 we know it’s the final, I keep the openness going from before but I make more deliberate and stronger marks than I’d wish to but here I am and I’m making responses one mark from another and a more open form emerges and there’s 2 parts but they are so involved with each and it’s one place and shape and maybe….

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Creative Tryout Information

We are still looking for artists who use simple paper & pen or any kind of drawing instruments to draw, to write to participate in this project. If you are curious, but not sure, I invite you to a tryout session.  Please email me if you want to join us.

a dance studio near Union Square in Manhattan (I will email you back for the address )

We meet on Tue. Feb. 14th from 12:30pm ~ 2:30pm, Th. Feb. 16th from 1pm ~ 3pm until Feb. 16, 2012. We ask you to be ready to draw at 1:30pm on Feb. 14th, and 2pm on Feb. 16th. If you need to warm up to draw, please come before and you can warm up while we warm up.
Please bring your sketchbook and drawing materials with you. (no paints allowed, but anything else you might want to try with this practice session,
please bring them with you as well. )

The steps:
So, first
1st part: Carly and I will do non scored Contact Improv. and Improvisational performance for 1min.
Right after
2nd part: you will draw something response to what you just saw for 1min.

same thing with 3min. each

same thing with 5 min. each

same thing with 10 min. each

I would like to video for whole thing to upload to my blogpost:

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